Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VANOS integrated and working

The M54 has dual, variable-VANOS and I got it working nicely with Megasquirt.

Not the way you would think, I don't have it working natively through the Megasquirt (that's still in development) but I have it working through my own VANOS controller. 

Remember, this is a temporary solution until I started using the integrated VANOS control that is now part of the Megasquirt code.

Seattle Circuit VANOS control board

The board operates 90% independentally from the ECU and only needs one signal from the ECU to operate.  It also shares the TPS, Crank and Intake Cam signals.

The VANOS enable signal was originally the On/Off VANOS signal from the 413 ECU.  The 413 triggered the intake cam advance whenever load was above about 20% and the coolant was warm enough.  Advancing the intake cam at colder temperatures causes the engine to stumble and just run poorly.  It needs to be warm.

While the VANOS control board can handle calculating the load factors, it doesn't have the CLT sensor signal.  Easier to rely on the ECU for that.

Configuring the proper trigger in Megasquirt was easy. 

Nitrous 1 configured as the VANOS enable signal