Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting the blog..

I'm starting the blog today to document my progress in converting the M54b30 form the OBD1 413 ECU to a Megasquirt 3 system with the MS3X expansion board.

Goals of this project are for me to develop my understanding of Megasquirt, to get the motor running as well (or better) than the 413 and to lay the foundation for an eventual S54 project.

Keep in mind, since I'm using an M50 harness and an M50 ECU this applies to almost any BMW DOHC motor, I just happen to have an M54, which means I can play with the Megasquirt VVT features later.

I will also document all hardware and software settings as well as possible.

The victim.  1990 325is
M54b30.  ZHP cams, S50b32 headers (euro).   Converted to OBD1 with an M50 harness and a 413 ECU.   Dual-variable VANOS and DISA is handled by the Seattle Circuit VANOS controller.
Dyno plot.  What's noteable is the that peak torque is at 3200rpm!

Overall, the motor has been fantastic in the almost 3 years I've had it as a daily driver in the e30. 

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  1. Hi there, great read, just starting an M52 swap into an E30, did you have any problems with megasquirts running the BMW COP's or injectors.

    Thanks in advance