Friday, September 23, 2011

more stock ECU measurements

It's quick and easy to get data off the stock ECU. 

Cranking spark very close to TDC.  Dwell at 6.5ms.

This is spark #1 cylinder vs crank position on the stock ECU.  TDC is 324 degrees after tooth #1.  The middle of the tooth is where the trace is going down through zero.  Spark is 3 teeth ahead, or 18 degrees BTDC.

I set idle to 18 degrees BTDC on the Megasquirt and compared the O-scope plot to the stock above.  THEY MATCHED EXACTLY!

This is interesting... injector #1 cylinder vs crank.  Idle fuel is injected 525 degrees BTDC.  It's injected near the bottom of the power stroke and sits on the closed intake valve for about 150 degrees before it opens. 

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