Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stock engine measurements

In an effort to make the car run like stock, I need to know what stock looks like.  (plus if I don't document it here I'll loose my scribbles..)

Stock priming pulse 12ms at 110F
Stock injector cranking  PW time for a 170F warm car is 18.0ms***
Stock injector on time at idle for a 170F warm car is 2.1ms

Those values are measured with an O-scope off an injector, so taking the .62ms dead time in account the actual opening times would be 1.5ms and 17.38ms.

***Cranking PW seems to taper-down with the number of cranking injection cycles.  First two are 18, then 15, then 12 and after it's been cranking for a while it's 10ms.  I will need to look at this some more, because even at the same temperature it changes by 2ms from the first measurement to the second.

cranking IAC PWM , all temperatures   50%

cranking ignition advance.                      0 degrees BTDC

idle IAC   PWM      cool, 80F              36%
idle IAC   PWM      warm, 170F          34%

Now I won't loose it.

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