Monday, November 14, 2011


I've been using the USB cable for connecting the laptop, but I wanted to try a Bluetooth connection.  The idea is that a Serial to Bluetooth adapter plugged into the Megasquirt serial port will let you connect almost any Bluetooth wireless device, including my laptop.

Roving Networks WRL-08495.  Around $70
I found that the computer was relatively easy to configure.  Once the Bluetooth pairing was complete I steered Tuner Studio to the new port and it connected.

I practice, I found that using the Bluetooth link was more trouble than it was worth.  In particular, the link took more than a few seconds to establish.  10-20 seconds was typical.  Sometimes 30 seconds.  I couldn't turn the ignition on to change some settings and then start the engine without waiting for the link to re-establish. 

So, it's not what I need for now.  Eventually it will be great when I just want to monitor and log my drives but for now I've gone back to the USB cable. 

Once idea that would help tremendously would be to power the Bluetooth transmitter directly from the car battery, so the link was permanenly established and wouldn't be interuped when the car was started or turned off.

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